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RealVR claims to have more variety than any other VR site on the market. How is that possible? They include movies from many different studios on their page, for example BaDoinkVR, VR3000, VirtualRealPorn, VRBangers or 18VR. The number of sex scenes is constantly growing, they upload 4 videos each week. From $ 0.25 per Day.


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If you like porn, there is no way you never heard of Pornhub before. Good news is, they also offer VR porn movies now. Beside the VR scenes you will of course also get access to hundreds of other movies uploaded on Pornhub. Their Premium subscription is definitely worth it! From $ 0.27 per Day.



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This site aggregates a lot of different movies from big studios like Dorcel, Hologirls VR or BadoinkVR. Therefore the amount of movies is great and you can find sex scenes for almost any taste. At this site there is also no monthly subscription, just buy the movie you like the most. From 2,93 € per 10 Minutes.


Making home porn movies and uploading it to tube sites

Whether the first time, fifth time or only after many years of marriage: Many of us have already thought about (or have already done so) setting up a camera and filming ourselves and our partner during passionate or wild sex.

What to look out for when shooting home porn and how it works best is revealed in our guide. The first question you should ask yourself is the background of your concern. Why do you want to make a sex film? For yourself to watch and enjoy? Should it give your sweetheart and you a kick? Would you like to watch the video again and again later or should it just document your passion?

Which camera should it be?

If you want to shoot your first porn, you only need to start with a good smartphone. Think of it as a kind of starter kit for amateurs, which is enough for now.

Does a lustful situation arise and have you talked about it before? Perfect, then keep your smartphone on it and just see what happens. If you want to shoot some better amateur porn, get a better camera, maybe even a tripod to put it down.

Smartphone: Your own smartphone is perfect for films where the cameraman films from above, for example a blow job or from behind.
Camera with tripod: If you don’t want your shots to be blurred, a tripod is important. This is where the real porn-shooting feeling comes up.

The viewing angle is important

Once you have decided on the appropriate technique, however, when shooting porn it also depends on the perspective from which you act.

Turned from below: If you want your belly to look flatter, your breasts fuller and your bottom rounder, then you should turn the porn from the lower angle.
Turned from above: This view is usually quite inappropriate, except for oral sex.

Your own porn: The best tips to get started

Would you like to try it yourself? Then we have put together some suitable tips for you and your darling for the first shoot.

Discuss the scenes in advance

The equipment has been set up and now you want to start? Then first talk about what you want to show at all. Sex, that’s clear, but how exactly?

  • What should be shown in the film?
  • What exactly do you want to do while shooting?
  • Who is the director of the porn?
  • Do you want to take turns shooting?
  • Are there NoGo’s?

Pay attention to the camera field

No matter how well you do: If the camera angle doesn’t work, even the best amateur porn won’t work. For this reason, when shooting home porn you have to pay attention to the field that the camera can record. Therefore agree with your partner exactly which area the camera will capture during the act and foreplay.

The field in which you film is not only important for yourself. Also pay attention to the surroundings and clean up. Clothes lying around or old drinking bottles do not belong in a shot that is to be used later as private porn. This also applies to family photos on the walls or animals, which are pawing through the picture during porn

Use only indirect light

Light generally plays a major role during sex to get pleasure and relax. It is therefore no different with private porn. Here too, try to use only indirect light if possible.

Of course, it is romantic to light candles, for example, or to create soft light with a dessert lamp, but remember that these light sources could be disturbing in porn later on. It’s better to use a dimmer ceiling light that illuminates the scenes well, but is not too bright. For well lit films, pure daylight is also ideal.

Warm and yellowish light from above is well suited. Too many lamps can also spoil the mood or cast shadows, so preferably less but suitable light.

Get each other in the mood

When the technology is ready and the light is right, you still can’t start right away. That way no porn starts, so get yourself in the mood when shooting. Caress yourself, start your usual foreplay, give your partner a few compliments.

If you find it very difficult to get into the mood, try a gentle role play or put on seductive masks.

Do not look into the camera. It should later look as if you are completely lost and alone. Then the porn has achieved what it is supposed to achieve. If you look into the camera, it will look less erotic.

Do not expect too much

If you want to shoot a little porn yourself, you shouldn’t expect too much, though. You are not professional directors, have no experience in filming and just want to make this video privately.

So don’t set your expectations too high. Don’t try out any extremely extravagant positions or behave in any special way. Instead, the act should be exactly the same as always. Passionate, full of love and lust and the way you like to see yourself.

If you’ve made a small film before, try to include some dialogues. The private porn can be enhanced considerably if you not only moan, but also give some dirty instructions while shooting.

Make-up may be used with pleasure

Normally you make up yourself rather discreetly? Then put on a little more make-up when you’re doing porn. In a video, kohl, eye shadow and co. appear much weaker, so you don’t have to be stingy with it to create a beautiful look.

Forget the camera

Having sex on camera is definitely not easy. Of course it’s your own camera and you don’t do it professionally, but even as an amateur it’s not that easy to switch off. So try not to think about the camera at all. Just do exactly what you usually do in bed and what you enjoy.

If you wear the camera more often, it will be fun to try out new things in porn-shooting and to become more experimental. But for the beginning you should hide the camera if possible.

Choose a nice place

Exciting places to shoot porn are places where you don’t usually have sex. This can be in nature, for example, when no one is around (and no one spontaneously passes by), on a deserted beach or on the deck of a boat on a large lake.

Avoid places where sexual acts are not allowed from a purely legal point of view and could get you into trouble. Of course it’s tempting to shoot a porno of a quickies in the changing room, but the possible later frustration doesn’t make up for the risk.

Never shoot without the knowledge of your partner

Respect plays a major role in both sex and porn filming. This also means that you should never, really not even, film your partner without the appropriate knowledge during sex.

This is unethical and simply not fair. If you want to make a porno, talk to your partner about it and ask him or her if there is a common interest. If you haven’t known each other for a long time or have spontaneously ended up in bed, this is also possible. Just mention that you like to make amateur videos and whether he or she would also like to do it.

Attention: Shooting a porno is something very intimate. You should therefore never force your partner to do it or persuade him or her. Both must want it and find it exciting.

Upload home porn on the Internet – should I?

There are thousands of amateurs on porn platforms who upload their own home porn online. They find it exciting to see themselves on the net, but they are also willing to make other people feel like it with their own videos.

If you don’t have a problem with that and want to be open, this option is up to you. If you want to maintain your privacy and above all your anonymity, you should never upload or provide the video online.

A possible middle course could be the use of masks. This way you are anonymous and can still enjoy what it means to become a little porn star yourself.

Can I earn money with my home porn?

Almost any idea can be turned into money on the Internet. Even videos of you privately can be marketed if you register on the corresponding platforms. Just create a profile, upload your own porn and you’re ready to start earning money.

What sounds lucrative is, of course, not really suitable for making big money. You can indeed earn a few euros with your private sex videos, but as the saying goes: No pain, no gain. This also applies to amateur porn.