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Sex between men can cover the whole range of sensual experiences. Homosexuality is a variety of sexuality – not an aberration. Yet gays still have to justify themselves


Why some men love men, science cannot answer

When the son tells his mother that he is gay, she often asks: What did I do wrong? Even the son himself has then most likely asked himself why he is the way he is. The mother’s question is legitimate, because it leads to the son’s life and his own. But the question is also pointless. Because mother has done nothing wrong. And the son is gay because that’s the way he is. Homosexuality is not a disease, not a defect, not an aberration. It is a variety of sexuality. Just as people have blue or green eyes, are right- or left-handed, or prefer to eat fish instead of meat, they may also prefer to have sex with their own sex or with the opposite sex. Why this is the case is not really important.

Science can’t give more answers, but it still searches for them in detail. The original reason for this was the need to justify why some people do not behave in the way that traditional morals require. At the beginning of research at the turn of the century, there was even an attempt to prove that gays are not criminal – they are just sick. So at least they had the choice between hospital and prison.

Researchers put on the tape measure

At the latest since scientists announced a few years ago that they had deciphered the entire human genome, the question of where homosexuality is recorded on this map of human characteristics has become obvious. Scientists used to have great ideas – but the more they researched, the poorer their results became. The current state of affairs is something like this: Presumably a number of genes are involved in creating the conditions from which gay men arise. But there are other factors that must also play a role.

Early researchers had still applied the tape measure and noted “diamond-shaped depressions of the buttocks” in gays. They thought that gays must have some physical characteristic that distinguishes them from heterosexuals. And they also found female facial features, female pelvic shapes and buttocks that resembled female vaginas. Today, researchers are still putting on measuring instruments. Now they are modern and elaborate magnetic resonance tomographs that allow a view into the living, working brain. And so they find deformed cell clumps, twisted wiring and female structures again.


In the early 1990s, researchers shouted “The gay gene has been found”: “Xq28” stood for the alleged proof that nature decides whether men are happier with men than with women. US molecular biologist Dean Hamer had examined the families of gay men and compared their genes. His result: A section on the X chromosome was so often identical in gay brother couples that the researcher had no doubt that it was identical.

The gays in the USA were thrilled: At last they had convincing arguments that it would be pointless to dissuade them from their goings-on. Parents no longer had to ask themselves what they had done wrong. Homosexuality would now certainly be fully accepted.

The gays in Germany were appalled: If the causes of homosexuality were known, they would surely soon look for ways to stop it. Just as the doctors in the Nazi concentration camps had already looked for such ways. Homosexuality would surely be abolished soon.

The lesbians were indifferent: They were, as usual, once again meant. Hamer had only examined men, but somehow the results would apply to women as well.

But neither the hopes nor the fears were fulfilled. In fact, the theory of the gay gene was disintegrating. Hamer had examined the genes of just 40 pairs of brothers more closely. Other scientists could not confirm his results.

The one true gay gene does not exist

Studies on pairs of twins have shown just as little durability. Researchers had already reported in the 1960s that identical twins always have the same orientation – either both are gay or both are heterosexual. They did not find this phenomenon in fraternal twins. This would be a clear indication that education has nothing to do with sexual orientation and that it is determined solely by genes.

But unfortunately the world is never as clear-cut as it sometimes seems. After a whole series of studies of families and twins, we can now state identical twins are significantly more likely to be gay than fraternal twins. Conclusion: Maybe there is no ‘the’ homo gene, but somehow the genes will contribute to the development of sexual preference.

In the idea that the genes make you gay and lesbian, scientists don’t even know how they are supposed to do that. It can only be indirect effects, in which a series of chemical processes take place in the body that shape the way we feel and think. These complicated processes, in turn, may be the responsibility of a whole series of genes that play their part.

Dean Hamer and his colleague Brian Mustanski claim to have identified three of them again, on chromosomes 7, 8 and 10. This time their statements are more cautious. They do not believe that only these gene segments are responsible for homosexuality, and probably they are not exclusively responsible for homosexuality either.

So genetic research cannot provide clear answers. It can only stick to suppositions and probabilities. But at least the latter can be quantified very precisely: After extensive questioning of Swedish pairs of twins, researchers announced that the genes in gays are responsible for about 35 percent, in lesbians about 18 percent. It remains certain that about two thirds of all differences between homos and heteros have so far completely escaped scientific knowledge.