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Fetish types at a glance

A fetish can basically take quite different forms: Any kind of object that excites you sexually or any preference that comes from your imagination can be or become a fetish.

Nevertheless, there are some fetish types worldwide that are a bit more popular and are accepted by many people. So that these can serve you or you as an incentive, we would like to introduce them to you in the following.

By the way: You will surely already know some of these fetishes, others maybe not yet. But one thing is clear: The world of fetishes is big and versatile and should not surprise you with anything. This also means that you can try out a few different sexual practices to find your erotic kick!

The foot fetish – podophilia

One of the probably best known fetish types is the podophilia or also called foot fetish. Podophiles stand on feet and have a sexual preference for them. Whether sexily wrapped in high heels, strutting around in front of your own eyes, integrated into love play or for licking and nibbling – Podophiles love to live out their sexual desire through and with feet.

The expression of this fetish can also be quite different. You like clean, well-groomed feet in bed? You love it when your sweetheart walks over you or kicks you with his feet? Or do you even like dirty and smelly feet? All this can show your foot fetish characteristics.

Interesting: The first foot fetishists even became known in the 18th century. The Russian Tsarina Anna Leopoldowna, for example, is said to have hired special foot-ticklers who only cared about her special needs. Foot fetishism and a certain image of the foot as an ideal of beauty have been part of society for centuries – and nothing unusual for a long time now, even if they are still sometimes smiled at.

Other desirable body parts – Axilism

The fact that you can show off your body well through lingerie, a sexy skirt or beautiful clubwear is nothing new. Some fetishists, however, like a very special body part, namely the armpits. Similar to foot fetishism, armpits are included in sex practices.

If you like, you can use your partner’s armpits to rub your penis, for example. The arms are also brought into play as pleasure objects. Whether by a horny hand job, appropriate fetish outfits with sexy gloves or something similar: Whatever you like, makes your fetish sex something very special.

The Bondage Fetish

Bondage fetishists love to be tied up (and gagged). This can be done with ropes, handcuffs, ties or silk scarves, but also with special BDSM utensils. Being tied ensures that you are at the mercy of your partner and can therefore generate a very special erotic kick.

Imagine that you are helplessly at the mercy of your sweetheart. Your partner can do whatever he or she wants with you. They can satisfy you, drive you crazy with all their skills or even punish you. The thrill here lies in the unknown, because you do not know what will happen next. Pretty hot, huh? You can find even more information in our guide Bondage – Captivating tips.

By the way: Bondage fetish sex is widespread and should only be performed by you if you are a bit more experienced. Otherwise there is the danger of strangulation or at least injury while you are doing it.

The love for golden shower – Urophily

Many people become particularly aroused when they can incorporate urine into their love games. The so-called golden shower is used for rubbing in, drinking and being pissed on and triggers true feelings of happiness in some fetishists. This kind of fetish is safe as long as the Golden Shower games only involve fresh urine – this consists mainly of water and therefore does not harm your health.

It doesn’t matter if you like to be peed on or pee on someone. The games with urine often arouse, because it is about relieving yourself and can be fun for both of you. This kind of fetish is not everybody’s cup of tea, so you should discuss the topic with each other in advance.

One step further – coprophilia

Anyone who likes physical excretions does not usually stop at urine or golden shower. There are also some followers of coprophilia, i.e. people who like excrement. They find it extremely exciting to watch other people relieve themselves, get the excrement on them or even play with it. Even eating excrement is often mentioned.

You also find this sexual practice very stimulating? Then you should be very careful with it, because diseases can be transmitted via the excrement. It is also important to discuss this preference with your sexual partner, as not everyone likes it. But you both enjoy playing with excrement? Then you can of course let your fantasies run wild.

Adults as babies – diaper fetish

Fetish outfits often have it in itself. Especially if you like to give yourself away as a baby during your love games. Equipped with a diaper, many people find it highly stimulating to be nursed, fed and put to bed, or even suck on your partner’s breast. There are even men who like to drink their partner’s breast milk and feel highly aroused.

Would you like to feel like a baby in security for once? Then ask your darling to take loving care of you. You can find suitable utensils for this purpose in adult size on the Internet, so that you don’t have to do without anything. Sexual fetishes like this one are widespread and therefore have long been represented in erotic stores.

Voyeurism: The pleasure of observation

A very widespread fetish is the desire to observe other people who are just living out their excitement. Whether you would like to watch couples having sex, watch group sex or rather watch the object of your desire while masturbating: The stimulating moaning offers you an acoustic stimulus while you are visually stimulated and soon you will want to participate yourself.

Watching a porn movie is also a certain form of voyeurism. However, this does not necessarily have to be a fetish, as it is more about the stimulation by external stimuli that helps you masturbate. If porn is not enough for you anymore, this fetish might be the right thing for you!

Worth knowing: A particularly good place to live out your voyeuristic tendencies is the swingers club. Here you can watch many amateurs having their very own erotic party, group sex or gagging and chaining, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Lacquer and leather fetish

Surely you have already seen or got to know some lingerie and costumes like the latex catsuit. Many people really like the skin-tight material because it touches their own body in an erotic way.

The material can also be used in combination with any other fetish, for example at a fetish party where everything is about costumes.

Whether you want to dress up as a slave, play the submissive or your slave wants to be dominated by an erotic dominatrix: With latex and lacquer in black you can do a lot of wicked things.

You want to show your wife around as a pony for example? In this case a catsuit with pony hooves and a corresponding mask in black can become the ideal costume that lets you both escape from everyday life.

The preference for animal disguises

As already mentioned, there are also fetishists who are keen on slipping into the role of an animal. To be taken for a walk as a dog and to have to perform tricks, to trot across the lawn as a pony or to be cuddled as a cat – all these things help fetishists to escape from everyday life and to engage erotically in new adventures.

Sexual excitement is provided by receiving commands, submissiveness to the master and of course the outfit that makes it easier to slip into the new role.

Especially in BDSM and animal role-playing games the fetish often revolves around being dominated. You also want to give yourself erotic commands and obey your master as a slave or slave like in porn videos?

If it stimulates you to be hard dominated by a man or a woman, to receive orders and punishments and to have to give in you lacquer and leather to shackle, the visit of a dominatrix studio is perhaps exactly the right thing for you.

Our conclusion: Fetishes bring variety into the bedroom

You like to play the submissive, you like to be taken in a catsuit and shackles or you like to be not only shackled but also gagged? You like to slip into fetish clothes as a woman or a man or do you feel like being restricted by a bondage at different places to deliver yourself to your sexual partner?

Whatever your sexual preferences are, one thing is clear: With fetishes you and your sweetheart will definitely not get bored, so you can let the party in bed crash.